Your Ingredients resource:

    Ingredient Connections serves as an authorized broker for a wide variety of thoroughly vetted food manufacturers, importers and farmers.

    We view these companies as not just suppliers, but as partners, providing a bridge to the food science and culinary product development space. We offer products in the following categories:

    • Yeast Extract Based Flavor Enhancement and Salt Reduction
    • Textured Soy Protein in a variety of flavors and sizes
    • Hydrocolloids and Stabilizer Systems
    • Amino Acids
    • Reacted Oven Dried Savory Flavors
    • All Natural Dairy Flavors
      • Including rapid cured cheese, distilled butter products, Functional Cheese Fillings, Enzyme Modified Cheeses and more
    • High Oleic Peanut Oils, Extracts and Flours
    • Natural Colors and Natural Sweeteners
    • Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables
    • Dehydrated Vegetables and Herbs
    • Hot Pepper Sauces and Mash from The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce
    • Functional Bases – both wet and dry from Better Than Bouillon
    • Coffee, Tea, Honey, Maple and Molasses powders

    Simply let us know what you need and we will find it.