American Food Ingredients – is a dehydrated fruit and vegetable supplier that also does custom blends.

American Roland – Bring a world of flavor to your manufacturing process with unique Roland® ingredients. Behind each quality-assured product, you’ll find a team of experts whose priority is to meet your exacting standards. We accommodate every size operation and special order requests, too. Discuss possibilities with a Roland culinary applications expert today, and discover the delicious benefits in store for your business. Providing products and answers for manufacturing: Soups · Sauces · Dressings · Dips · Marinades · Bakery · Desserts · Confections · Ready Meals · Entrees · Appetizers · And Many More…

Bascom Family Farms- America’s leader in maple syrup, Bascom sources all their organic and pure maple syrup right here in the USA and offers both liquid and granular in a variety of grades.

Culinary Farms – is a superior quality processor of dried tomatoes and Authentic Mexican Chile products. The Tomato products are a Roasted Sun Dried Tomato Paste, Italian Style Savory Tomatoes, Sun Dried, Fresh Dried and/or Organic Dried Tomatoes of various cuts.

DairyChem International – manufactures starter distillates and distillate custom-blends in water-soluble, oil-soluble, and encapsulated form. Enzyme-modified dairy ingredients have been added to starter distillates and spray-dried onto maltodextrin carriers for DairyChem butter replacement and cream replacement product lines. Additional volatiles, for flavor and shelf stability, are added to starter distillate to create specific end-use products for the dairy, meat, bakery, snack, and confectionery markets.

Draco Herbs – offers a full spectrum of Standardized Herbal Extracts. These are dietary supplement ingredients for functional foods in fruit and vegetable extract powders and certified Organic botanical extract powders.

Flavor Consultants – has a full line of sweeteners such as Maltitol, Isomalt, D-Xylito, Aspertame, Acesulfame-K as well as offering tomato powder and fermented soy sauce.

George Chiala Farms – specializes in the production of prepared vegetable ingredients, offering many Certified Kosher and Certified Organic options for IQF and Frozen purees. Products range from peppers such as Jalapenos and Serrano Peppers, to standard offerings of garlic, carrot, ginger, and more.

Golden Peanut Co. – producers of a full line of partially defatted peanut flours, roasted aromatic peanut oils, refined peanut oils and peanut extract. Organic versions available

Knouse Foods – offers a variety of apple products including apple sauce, pie fillings, apple butter, and apple vinegar.

McCain – offers a full line of Potato ingredients along with a select offering of Roasted Fruits and Vegetables under the Jon Lin label. They have FIRE ROASTED, SAUTEED, CARAMELIZED Varieties.

Southeastern Mills – Located in Rome, Georgia SE Mills are experts in batter and breading systems for all applications and owners of the Better Than Bouillon brand of bases and mixes with organic and clean label options. SE Mills has recently acquired the Louisiana Hot Sauce brand and offers a full line of hot sauces and hot pepper mashes.

Tic Gums – Your “Gum Gurus” Tic has a full range of synergistic gum blends and/or individual gums such as Acacia, Agar, Cellulose, Guar, Locust Bean Gum, Pectin, and Xanthan. An Ingredion company.

Van Drunen Farms – the nation’s largest suppliers of organically grown herbs to the food industry, as well as a manufacturer of freeze dried, drum-dried, IQF, sugar-infused, air-dried, fire-roasted, and sun-dried fruits and vegetables.

Wan Ja Shan – blends ancient Oriental traditions with modern day technology to create a Soy Sauce that is naturally aged and consistently brewed to perfection. Produced in the United States, it is one of the country’s leading brands of natural brewed Soy Sauce. In addition, we are out our new ORGANIC and NON-GMO soy sauce in industrial containers.